Picture1Marine TechnikSupply systems on ships and in power plants


Auxiliary systems for large diesel engines
Compact Modules   Pulsation Damping   Controlling   Further Equipment

Supplying / Prepartion of

Heavy Fuel Oil / Diesel Oil
Supply to Diesel Engine
- H.F.O.- / M.D.O.- / Water-
Blending / -Emulsifying Units
- Lubrication Oil
- Cooling Water
- Nozzle Cooling or Heating

Damper against
Pressure Peaks

Fuel Oil Supply


Lubrication Oil
Supply Systems

Hydraulic Systems
Automatic M.D.O. / H.F.O.
Change Over Unit with F.O.
Temperature Compensating
- Pneumatic Niveau Control
for Pressure Vessel
- Electronic / Pneumatic
Charging Air Temperature
Control System
- Measuring- / Control-
Systems for Temperature,
Pressure, Flow Quantity,
Viscosity, Blending, etc.
Mobile Test-Plants for
Water- or Oil-Pressure Test
also for Flushing of different
Pipe Systems, Units, Engine
Housings etc.
- Pressure Mixing Vessel
for Fuel Oil

Sampling- / Test-Boards
with Cooler for Boiler-Water
or Engine Cooling Water

- Special Units / Modules acc.
to customer requirements