Automatic HFO/MGO change over control

Automatic HFO / MGO Change Over of Fuel Service Tanks

According to IMO regulations and national regulations, seagoing vessels have to operate with low sulphur fuels in the designed Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA).
Onboard fuel oil systems must therefore be adapted to ensure the protection of fuel oil injection components.

  • Moderate, mild and save change over control
  • Temperature Controlled
  • or Time Controlled (free adjustable intervals)
  • No temperature shocks to the injection elements
  • Independent from service tank levels
  • Local and/or ECR controlled
  • Easy expandable, simple retrofit
  • Options
  • Data recording (data logger)

When operating with MGO fuel, it will be heated by circulating via the diesel engine and must be cooled down. MGO Cooler Units are also part of our delivery program…see details.

Automatic HFO/MGO Change Over Valves for Diesel Engines

1. Change over of fuel sort for diesel engines from MGO to HFO and vice versa, interruption free.
2. The second fuel sort is always standby at the engine, correct conditioned.

Two electro-pneumatically Fuel Change Over Valves are provided for each diesel engine, one in the supply line to the engine, one in the return line from the engine.
The valves are pneumatically actuated. Connections are screw joint connections (or as required). Solenoid valves and limit switches are ready cabled to a common junction box. Control power is 24 VDC (or as required).

Without working air and supply voltage both valves are in MGO position. When energizing power, the valves are switching immediately to HFO position. When power is de-energized, the valves return to MGO position.
Solutions with delayed change over are available as options!

During MGO operation HFO is continously circulating via a throttle valve. So it is ensured, that HFO is available in the right condition at all time.

Please ask for Temperature Compensation Elements to avoid temperature shocks to the injection system!