Fuel modules

Fuel supply modules from MARINE TECHNIK fulfill the requirements of the various fuel types in connection with the engine configuration. They control injection viscosities, pressures, temperatures, filter fuel and measure the consumption.

Individually for each application:

  • Automatic HFO/MGO Change Over Control
  • HFO/MGO Supply- and Circulating Modules
  • MGO Cooler Units
  • Black-Out Start Units
  • Fuel Leakage Collections- and Transfer Modules
  • Fuel Unloading Units for Power Plants
  • Bio Fuel Supply Modules
  • Pneumatic Pulsationdamper

MGO Cooler Units

Seagoing vessels have to operate with low sulphur fuels of 0,1% in SECA areas (Sulphur Emission Control Area) from January 2015. That means, that the diesel engines have to run with MGO fuels. MGO must be cooled down to assure a viscosity higher than 2,0 cSt and thus to prevent injection elements against damage.


– Shell & tube type heat exchanger
– Plate type heat exchanger
– Sea water cooled or fresh water cooled
– Automatic cooler control
(MGO – Cooler active / HFO – Cooler bypass)
– all Classification Societies

black-out pump module

In case of a black-out , a power independent pump must ensure the fuel supply for the diesel generators. With the Black-Out Pump Unit (BOPU) we offer an individual solution.

The air operated displacement pump starts almost instantaneously in the event of a power failure. During stable electricity system the unit remains in standby.

Technical data:

Flow quantity:2,6 – 4,8 m³/h @ 8 bar
Speed:1400 – 3000 1/min
Air motor:1,9 kW – 7 bar
Air supply:8 or 30 bar
Air consumption:108 – 198 Nm³/h
Dimensions:860 x 350 x 790mm / ca. 112 kg

MGO Leakage Collection and Discharge Unit

The function of the module is to collect the fuel oil leakage of the diesel engine and to pump the fuel back to the fuel storage tank. The start and stop of the pump is controlled by a level switches. In case of pump failure a second pump is installed as standby pump.